Some derived conclusions regarding pancreatic function in view of my latest discoveries!

Frank Pio Russo - September 04, 2018.

I discovered that as diabetics and others start abstaining from carbohydrates and sugars, the liver becomes very alarmed at the lack of sugar in the body - because this is the central energy unit on which the human body runs - and resultantly the liver starts producing and pumping an avalanche of sugar into the blood-stream!

Hence, in view of the fact that there's at least about 1 million diabetics just in Australia alone, I would maintain that it is definitely not people's pancreases that are failing - not at all! - But rather it is the avalanche of sugars, dumped into the circulation by people's "concerned" livers that overpowers people's metabolism and brings about fully blown diabetes!

Once I realized these gems of discoveries I decided to choose a very good bread - actually Helga bread - but I think any good wholemeal or multigrain bread will do, and within a few days the diabetes is virtually gone and expired all of its deadly influence.

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps.- my sugar was 8.8 mmol/l a couple of hours after breakfast, then 8.3 at about 1030 and in 3 and a half hours it only dropped by 0.3… we’ll see how it goes after my lunch bread sandwich without any insulin… hopefully my pancreas can take the helm again – bye for now! 






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