"Here's an article about John Smith's encounter with a woman he hadn't seen for a long

time: it was shocking as to how old and aged she looked , and yet she's supposed to be over 2 years younger than him!"

On the verge of possible immortality !!

John Smith – December 16 2018.

Ever since 1981, I’ve had thoughts about how to conquer both death and the ageing process. I even recall how in 2004 I considered changing my name and relocating – this because at the time I suspected that John’s ambiguous language, was by design - rather than through plain carelessness! In other words when the apostle said in the Bible, that one who believes “hath everlasting life!”, this was a present possession rather than one which would be acquired after one’s death! Furthermore, the older Gospel of Thomas – i.e. the “twin” brother of Jesus Christ, or Thomas Dydimus – said that “he who would work out the meaning of Jesus’ words would have eternal life!”.

Well I was walking near the Glenside Post Office whilst thinking of relocating with a much younger new identity, and the ‘demonic’ wind blew this document towards me… the temptation was there to start-up a new postal box and become a very ‘young’ new person! However I rejected that temptation as being satanic in nature! Interestingly, round about that time a very tall woman - who was taller than any basketball player I’d ever seen - approached me in the Burnside Shopping Centre. She claimed that she worked in the “Attorney General’s Department”, and wanted to know if I knew anything about the disappearance of a much older man, who looked very similar to me! I realized that she was talking about an earlier and older looking previous version of myself, but I replied that I knew nothing about any such person!

In all seriousness, I was never all that sure that I was winning the battle against ageing and time. Sure I did tell people that I looked a lot younger for my age, but one of my brothers had also looked a bit younger for his age – perhaps it was just good genes! Well today I had a real shock occurrence… I was contacted by this very old woman on Skype: she had many lines on her face and looked very old – in fact so old that she could almost have passed as a mother or grandmother of mine! Well it turned out that it was actually my ex-wife who was supposedly over 2 years younger than me!!

Our marriage had been a big mistake, and that had been very obvious from the first day of marriage! She had misled me in every possible way… I was a very naïve Jehovah Witness and had no idea that the members of such a religion were capable of spinning a total web of deception! She gave me the impression that she had at least passed Matriculation, claiming to work in a bank’s lending department – but it was all lies – sure she did work in the lending department, but all she did there was some typing, and was hopeless at handling money as she had very close to zero maths or numeracy! She later - (after we were married) - showed me a confidential file, where the bank claimed that they’d given her the job simply to try and exploit her father’s high position in the public service! And sure enough, that’s what she’d been highlighting before we got married – how her family had all these very top jobs in the public service and that if anybody was a nobody it was me instead of her !!

Anyway, I remained married for a while, because I realized that it was a battle to the death between her satanic darkness self, and me as a high calibre representative of the light! She totally destroyed my reputation with the elders and everybody else, claiming I was a wife-basher and very violent!!  When it was her who was a violent schizophrenic who was capable of attacking me physically even whilst I may have been asleep! Of course I was forced to defend myself at times, and every little bruise she received, she’d parade it for the elders and “brothers and sisters”!

Fortunately, the moron thought she had won the so-called “battle”, with me supposedly becoming mentally ill - (like she had been for her whole life) - without realizing that I’d been poisoned with LSD at least twice on the job! So with her family’s backing, she left towards the end of 1984… what a relief not to have that moronic maniac around me anymore… she was a total enemy, and even in our best times I could not confide anything to such a brainless idiot!

Well she thought her job had been finished in destroying me! However the demons had no longer any use for such an imbecile, as she was no-longer in a position to hurt and influence me! So her pronounced borderline personality, (which had been able to derive demonic suggestions through simply opening the Bible at random – i.e. playing Russian roulette with that demonic book), now became full-blown schizophrenia accompanied with depression and violence! She would go in all sorts of churches, and the demonic activity would intensify instead of diminishing – of course because the Devil plays both sides at the same time!

Anyway I reminded my ex-wife that the book she’d always cherished, claimed in the Hebrew portion, that two divorced individuals were forbidden to ever get back together! I also reminded her that I had used the police in the past to stop her always coming round to annoy me! Many times I have told her – in the past – that to me she’s no more than a piece of “shit”… and yet she kept calling and coming round for years, till the police threatened to lock her up if she came to bother me by hanging around on the reserve opposite my place!

In conclusion, I was able to see how the Force has blessed me with youthful looks, whilst her “Darkness” has constantly cursed her, turning her into a very old looking person, as thanks for her long evil service!

John Smith.

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