Stellar Aberration: the implications if we do not ignore "light-time".

Frank Pio Russo - December 01, 2014.

Up till now the relativity scenario has been propped-up by simply ignoring "light-time" in all stellar aberration and other similar considerations. This has led to a make-believe world where scientists are placing their heads in the proverbial sand!

As a result, one ends up with light traveling perpendicularly from a star to the earth, when in actual fact it is travelling hypotenusally! And the scientists just accept this ridiculous proposal, which was put forward by low-IQ people at a primitive time when all that was known , was the 29.8 km/sec. relative to the sun and other 'local' stars. After-all it wasn't till 1924 that Hubble announced his discovery of other galaxies!

So what did they do as a result of their increasing knowledge? They stubbornly and blindly chose to ignore the absolute motions and chose to instead generate a fictitious scenario where 'all' the absolute motion was hidden away and swept under the carpet... by simply creating the vague concept of 'light-time'. The latter is totally incongruous because it leaves people with the accepted perception that the star and the earth are in a direct perpendicular line all the time whilst the light is travelling towards us... i.e. the impression is created that one is dealing with a 'moving perpendicular' in stellar aberration, when in actual fact one is simply dealing with a 'stationary perpendicular' that leaves the star whilst the earth is in a much earlier position, and reaches it much later when the earth has advanced to be in a position to receive the earlier emitted 'stationary perpendicular'!

In conclusion, I hope that my extremely rational mind is capable of restoring all the common-sense that science irrationally abandoned in times gone by... remember often when people tell you to think 'counter-intuitively', they are really encouraging you to have some insane thoughts!

Frank Pio Russo.


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