Normalizing Blood Pressure using Moisturizers!

Frank Russo - November 19, 2009.

As one gets older, usually the blood pressure goes up... so much so that a general rule for the systolic, was that it should be equal to 100 plus one's age. It is generally  believed that as one ages, the peripheral resistance of the blood vessels goes up and as a result the blood pressure increases, with a much more pronounced demand on the heart which has to presumably generate this blood pressure.

However in 2003, I came up with the idea that so long as one hasn't damaged one's skin pores with too much inappropriate make-up, one's blood pressure would equilibrate with the atmospheric environment... in other words one would breathe through his pores, provided he hasn't got too many restrictive tight clothes on! If this was correct, I hypothesized that one of the most limiting factors on normalizing one's blood pressure would be the conditions of one's skin: as one would get older, the skin would progressively deteriorate and the blood pressure would resultantly keep going up!

I therefore began using moisturizers on the skin and my blood pressure improved... so much so that I dispensed with 2 medications for hypertension. Since 2003 I got distracted with diabetes, physics and many other things and had been neglecting my skin no longer applying moisturizers to my skin. I recently started using moisturizers again and two recent blood pressure night readings, have been on one night 120/60 and on another 123/58 which considering I'm nearly 60 years of age is very good indeed... especially in view of the fact that I'm not taking any blood pressure medications!

Of course one must continue giving his body a complete good nutrition whilst avoiding the common trap of overeating.

Frank Russo.

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