Neuroplasticity and the 'little people' theory.

Frank Pio Russo - May 23, 2014.

My physics has shown that there are an infinite amount of smaller and smaller particles in the universe, and these are in turn constantly aggregating themselves to build bigger and bigger entities... (see )... it therefore stands to reason, that we as living beings are simply aggregations of smaller and smaller living conscious entities!

In my many writings I've often referred to the next level 'down' as being the world where our atoms would be the equivalent of universes, and where gravity would be 10 to the 40 times stronger because of the much smaller physiological meter, hence their world would - to us - appear much faster! This concept is not that strange at all... and it's very similar to what the Star Wars movies expound, namely that we're all made-up of 'little creatures'... I've often called these "10 to the minus 40 gnomes".

My theory says that it is these "10 to the minus 40 little people", that generate our consciousness. This explains why today's scientists are finding that injured people display "neuroplasticity". People who injure their hands can develop great control of their feet... also people who are hopeless with their left hand can develop great skills there, if their right hand is injured! Furthermore, it is well known that people who lose their sight can greatly enhance other senses such as that of hearing!

Well I now have indisputable evidence for these 'little people' as a mobile entity for consciousness! Years ago someone I know - who had perfect vision in his left eye but hopeless vision in his right eye - injured his left eye and suddenly his right eye had perfect vision! Obviously the 'little people' concentrated their actions on the other eye! As the left eye improved, it regained its 20/20 vision and the right eye reverted back to poor acuity. This happened again to the same person in recent days: his left eye got conjunctivitis and very bad vision whilst the right eye dramatically improved... the vision reversed itself again as the left eye got better!

In conclusion though, I must caution the science world: it is the "little entities" that control us rather than the other way round! Yes there is neuroplasticity and another good term for it would be neuromobility!

Frank Pio Russo.

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