Our joints' worst enemy: negative gradualism!

Frank Russo - April 1, 2009.

Many say that the body grows and becomes mature by about 25 years of age. Somewhere along the line the joints stop growing and go into maintenance mode.

However , the nutrients not available to the body are greatly increased though going into maintenance mode, simply because many of the enzymes for growth might disappear. Hence the body goes into a negative gradualism where the joints gradually deteriorate till one eventually finds himself as a decrepit invalid.

One should stop this negative gradualism by taking appropriate supplements: boron for example is known to toughen steel and is extremely important for our joints. Apparently joint problems are very common where soils are low in boron whilst not so common where boron is plentiful in the soil. Of course many other supplements are also necessary in combination, and this should be taken together as joint food.

This negative gradualism which eventually destroys our joints is very insidious... its pernicious nature is well illustrated by gradually shaving a few mm from a person's walking stick every few days... the man would not become aware of it till he probably falls forwards! This is also akin to how a frog would eventually die if the water in which it is residing is gradually heated to boiling!

Frank Russo.

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