The Nature of Light: what is it and why does it always travel at a constant absolute speed?

Frank Pio Russo - October24, 2015.

Once it is accepted that the smaller particles are the more spacious the room that they have to move around in... it becomes quite clear as to what the nature of light is, and why it travels at precisely the same absolute speed at all times! Yes there's no zero that one approaches as things get smaller: the laws of physics don't collapse into a chaos... it's just that physiological time increases as the physiological meter decreases!

My brother laughed when I told him that there were people living inside the atoms! However when one adds the fact that they would be in the same proportion of us to our universe: in other words deep, deeper and much deeper inside an atom - things no longer sound that silly anymore!

Well people in the sub-atomic world are immeasurably more advanced than us at our level. Hence they would no doubt know what I've been on about since 1987... and that is that the absolute speed of light is somewhat 'magical', because you simply do not lose any energy at that speed: not forwards nor sideways but only to the rear! And the bit that you lose to the rear is critical in making propulsion forwards possible... nevertheless such loss would be so red-shifted that it would be inconsequential in the scheme of things. So it should be obvious to us that any motion of any consequence in the sub-atomic world, would be manifested to us macro-beings as a transmission of light!

You might well ask why we see it as taking off instantaneously: the answer is quite simple... all you've got to do is consider the fact that one of our seconds is equal to (10 to the 40) seconds in the level just below ours, i.e. in the quantum world... therefore the taking off and landing of a light beam would not register at our limited observational powers! All of this scenario is of course provable with my gravity reasoning that I've recounted many times before: namely that as things get smaller and smaller, gravity is not diluted and can therefore greatly speed-up anything with a very small physiological meter! E.g. imagine a clock at our level which is actively counting our time: now imagine a replica of this clock which is only (1/(10 to the 40) of its size... i.e. extremely small... but the trick is that you power the miniature clock with the same power source... naturally assuming it doesn't blow a fuse - it would go much faster! Hence in one second, it would 'physiologically' count (10 to the 40 seconds).

In conclusion then... the good book is right when it says that "God is light", and it's also correct when it uses the plural version of God - (the Excellent Plural) - because everybody one level down is part of a composite God: if you like!

Frank Pio Russo.





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