Why natural remedies are somewhat unpredictable: they work very well on some people but not at all, on others!

Frank Pio Russo - July 13, 2017.

A very tiny and yet very significant song, is "Mother Nature's son", from the Beatles' white album. It's presumably about a young man who's in harmony with nature: fully respecting the latter's beauty!

Well some of us might take this anthropomorphism very seriously: in other words you've got to respect Nature for "It" to reciprocate and look after you, or heal you so as to say! People have often spoken of types and antitypes, with the former prefiguring the latter... (e.g. like the supposed Apostle Peter presumably spoke of Babylon as a symbol for Rome).

Well it might just be possible that our planet the Earth, or Gaia - as She's known - might actually be alive! The type here would be our human body, where apparently each of us has about 140 trillion bacteria in our gut alone. Now some of these bacteria being so incredibly small compared to our body, mightn't know about the magnitude of our existence, but they would nevertheless consume targeted neurotransmitters emitted by our bodies to modulate their behaviour. Well on a much larger scale, we the inhabitants on this wonderful planet, might be getting modulated by the many natural products that our planet produces... - e.g. eucalyptus oil, rosehip oil etc. - which can heal us!

However the great variability as to whether some of these natural products work on you or not, might be simply resultant from whether - as McCartney put it - you are one of Mother Nature's sons or daughters... in other words does one believe in the power of nature which is driven by ever smaller creatures that constitute all things around us. IS THIS REALITY EVIDENT FOR YOU?!

Yes! This little digression of mine goes a very long way, in providing an answer as to why "natural cures" work on some people and not on others.

Frank Pio Russo.

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