Why you must not answer surveys from your antispyware and antivirus manufacturers, and why you should have multiple security programs!

Frank Pio Russo - November 30, 2018.

There's a possibility that most of the internet security softwares contain some sort of monitoring devices be it viruses, trojans, spyware, malware or whatever! With each country having their own preference in this regard. Unless of course the secret spy networks, are more active than most people imagined!

Some years ago I discovered that each Norton or Symantec internet security programs came preloaded with a trojan, which was not present on the American version! Likewise with Trend, their new versions, "straight off the shelf" also came preloaded with spyware! I returned quite a number of these programs, with the new versions being likewise also contaminated.

However I can't be sure that the manufacturers and the governments are truly in bed together, as there's another realistic possibility. Most of these security companies were regularly sending surveys, asking all sorts of questions, and the most common ones were whether you were happy with them, and also where you purchased your security software! Now I don't blame you, if you tend to trust the manufacturers of your internet security programs, however I suspect that in most of these cases it might have been spies, masquerading as your security providers (???).

Hence , once they had that sort of info out of you, it would have been simple for them to arrange to get your particular store, stocked with compromised copies. And then, not only would the spies know what was going on in your household, but they could engineer all sorts of problems with your computer! Naturally this would mean that the constant advice given out, telling everybody that one should have only one security program, was no more than misinformation to render most people as easy targets to exploit! The issues that they advanced was that there would be conflicts between multiple softwares if one were to use them! Also that your computer would be greatly slowed down and almost unusable!

However, the truth is very different to what spies want you to believe. In fact it's quite simple to enter exclusions for one program into another and vice versa, such that one of your security program does not block one of the others and so on! Plus one would have to be very dumb to scan with multiple programs at the same time, as that's when conflicts are most likely to happen!

The beauty of having multiple security programs, is that every serious attack on your system, only usually manages to knock-out a single 'member' of your security - often the weakest link -  and with the rest still working you've repelled the attack and can repair the wounded "soldier"!

Finally, it's now a pleasure to have a reliable computer and very few issues to worry about.

Frank Pio Russo.


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