MSM definitely cures diabetes!

Frank Pio Russo - April 11 2018.

In my quest for healing my hip I embarked on taking massive amounts of MSM or organic sulphur, and discovered that I had cured my diabetes in the process as I started to have all these hypos.

Unfortunately for the benefit of my hip I never knew when I'd taken enough MSM and developed temporary parkinsonism... I've now stabilized how much MSM I take - that's about 12 tea spoons per day... and the sugars are very low. Now as regards coffee and fluoridated water, I'm only about 90% sure about them having both a detrimental effect on my sugar metabolism... actually it's only about coffee that I'm not 100% sure as fluoride water is a fait accompli !

The beauty of it all is to keep a logbook so that you can review things that have happened... obviously I don't enter everything on it otherwise I'd be forever doing paperwork, but most important observations do go on on it. I was actually the pioneer of logbooks setting one up for the Technicon SMAC way back in round about 1975 so that as a pump tube was changed or any modification was done it would all get logged.

Stay tuned to this website for further info on this subject.

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps - with no more coffee I still don't sleep but I've been able to eliminate two blood pressure medications!

Update April 14 2018 - Diabetes comes back and I don't know why!



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