MSM and having a pain free hip!

Frank Pio Russo - April 16 2018.

Although I have recently hesitated in jacking up my MSM again for fear of the induced parkinsonism coming back, today I took 21 teaspoons of MSM and my hip became totally pain free!

That's incredible considering the fact that I have serious osteoarthritis of the hip and am on the semi-urgent waiting list for an operation: to put it mildly the hip is "shot to bits!". I am optimistic that I can resurrect my hip to pristine conditions and be like a very young man once again!

As far as the diabetes goes that came back again the other day - it remains to be seen as to whether increasing the concentration of MSM once again , will make it go away again. The new innovation that I've enacted is to dissolve the MSM in a very minimal amount of hot water such that its concentration strength is retained.

Stay tuned to this website for further info.

Frank Pio Russo.


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