Illustrating the stupidity of the medical world: their Doctors can go to medical school and pass exams and yet still exhibit a very low IQ !

Frank Pio Russo - September 8, 2018.

I have felt very sorry for the many diabetics of this world, because they have always been viewed as cash-cows for the medical world and pharmaceutical companies!

Also quite often they are made to unnecessarily suffer... have you got any idea how often they are bled for blood tests etc.?  Well if you were to just consider one of their regular tests - the HBA1c - this test is done regularly every 3 months which means that not only one has to needle himself a number of times to inject insulin, and also to test his sugar levels every day, but also for pathology testing very regularly!

The most ridiculously stupid thing that I've seen, is the Doctors' insistence on having the diabetic patient fast for these tests! Now the sugar keeps lowering itself as the diabetic is fasting, and as the morning approaches it gets so low that he enters into a "hypo", so of course he's got to get stuck into some sugary food otherwise he'll lose consciousness and possibly die! Now just as he expects an extremely high glucose result is churned out by the lab, and unless the person that ordered the test is an extremely nice and understanding psychiatrist, the accusations from most doctors would never end!

In conclusion, from my many observations, I conclude that most doctors are very incompetent and leave a lot to be desired - most of them can't even maintain an updated list of current medications for their patients - so I say "what good are they?"

Frank Pio Russo.


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