More censorship from the bastards of this world!

Frank Pio Russo - August 16 2018.

Many years ago I used to get up to 400 visits a day with 300 often being the case. Then they went dramatically down! However in very recent times e.g. last few months, the website has almost completely 'dried up'.

The reason I noticed it is because a formative Michelson-Morley paper from 1994 had a sudden rush of hits early this month (about 60), but for some strange reason the clickers were trying to hide it, as they do not show up on 3 of my statistical packages: I ask you who are these sophisticated "bastards"... is it Google or is it Microsoft, or could it perhaps be the Nobel people - in their vain effort to protect the moronic Einstein legacy - as a friend worded it? The thing is that when I tried to click on that page it did not respond nor does most of my early section of my website. Google blocks it with a ridiculous error: "this page is trying to load scripts from unauthorized sources"!

Of course were one willing to view it as "insecure" i.e. without the "s" in "https" then the page does become visible! I am not very happy because as a result of this bloody interfering censorship, I have gone from about 300 or more visits per day to only about 50 or so! I hope that whoever these bastards are: end up in the grave permanently!

PS - Actually it's not as bad as it looks, because it appears to be some sort of technical issue as a lot of the hits appear delayed and show up the next day - almost as if they are sticking to a US date instead of the Australian one that it's set on! E.g. for today I only had about 50 visits, but when I looked at yesterday the data had changed to 240 pages, 120 visits and 373 hits. Some of the other statistical packages do show an exaggerated amount of hits, but a great deal of them are to do with i-phone icons that are unavailable and distort the statistics.

Well I’ve been experimenting with some new stats called “Clicky” but so far it’s proved rather unsatisfactory as only a small percentage of the logs are being converted into visible stats… I think it’s rather unfortunate but a lot of people might be learning how to block being registered by stats!

Frank Russo.

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