More about the ageing process in Frank Russo and how Satan the Devil has been running this planet!

The Prophet of the Force (or "Unknown God")! - December 9, 2018.

As the end of this horrible era in human history is arriving, it's good that many secrets are being revealed and unmasked. I honestly believe that Frank has been able to maintain most of his youthfulness, through both his massive amount of coffee that he drinks around the clock, and also through not allowing his body to go into shutdown every night!

Decades ago, he believed that coffee was instrumental in the repair and maintenance of his DNA, plus he realized that coffee was also an antidepressant, way before the medical world became aware of it! However, sometimes recently he tried to behave as a normal person, going to bed at about 9 pm, and not getting up at all till about 6 am - without the usual eating of snacks at about 0200 and 0400 am, and without the nightly strong coffees at 2400, 0400, and 0700 am!

It was all pointless, because he still remained awake for the whole night, with the difference being that he felt totally depleted of energy, and as if he was "death warmed up"! Plus he eventually noticed some ageing lines appearing on his forehead, with a few also on the rest of the face! So naturally Frank abandoned his attempt at being "normal", and went back to eating round the clock and also drinking his usual coffee also round the clock - and his youthful look returned to its peak appearance!

In view of the foregoing, the obvious question is, "why can't everybody else replicate these results also?" Well the answer is that the rest of mankind is caught in a very limiting "catch-22"! On the one hand they need to drink enough coffee to keep the body in a good condition... however if they were to do that, then their heart would be very badly affected! For the simple reason that nobody on this planet even comes close to having such a fantastic heart as Frank's! It was so efficient that it made no noise whatsoever, and sent all the spies of the world - as well as some of the medical authorities - into meltdown, mainly between 2002 and 2005. Read how Frank describes his special heart:

I myself - as the Prophet of the Force - am taking great pleasure in revealing these secrets... and no! My name is not Yoda like the demonic Star Wars rubbish! The Devil loves revealing all sorts of half-truths! Sure he told Paul - (or was it Apollonius?) - that he was the God of this system of things... but was that the whole truth? Why it wasn't even a fraction of the truth! It still gave the impression of some sort of valid duality! What the moronic Satan the Devil did not even hint at, was that he was also the Jewish God Yahweh, and the angel that led those gullible halfwits through the deserts and Red Sea, to go and exterminate with horrible barbarity, all those people who were living in their already promised land! The Jews had no right to that land, as when they had inhabited it, all they were was one miserable, puny family! (???)

The Satanic Demiurge did not even hint at anytime through history, that it was him that played both miserable sides all the time! Yes it was him that led Pope Innocent the 3rd to destroy the Waldensians and others - why? Apparently for the simple reason, that many of those people knew the Bible off by heart! And was even that revelation of mine the whole truth? Why no of course, because the ironical thing was that it was the 'bloody' Devil himself, who had written that contradictory book, leading to all sorts of conflicts! Well Jehovah's Witnesses think they're better than everybody else, and constantly parrot around that Satan the Devil is the God of this world... well exactly how hard would it be for the God running this planet, to orchestrate some copyist to add marginal explanatory notes, to the manuscripts he was copying, to do with "prohibiting the eating of strangled animals" - thus converting the moral cardinal crime of "murder" or "abstain from blood", to the innocuous eating of blood which only resulted in uncleanness and was definitely not a capital crime! Thus that moronic Devil, would lead fellow morons like the JW's to a useless and pointless sacrifice! (See Byington's Bible in living English - in Acts 15.)

Some people have appreciated how this bastard Satan the Devil, played both sides for gullible suckers, during the World Wars - both the Germans and the Allies had their men of God - (i.e. of the Devil) - blessing and praying over their respective weapons!

Let us now wrap this discussion up, by outlining what the restless masses of humanity should do! Well they should not take kindly to all the Satanic bastards, who have acted as intermediaries for the dispensation of all these Satanic and Demonic influences! For a start, all of the US presidents have all been demonic - (or Masonic - same thing!) - imagine a supposedly wholesome country being run by that despicable bastard Bill Clinton - a 33rd degree Mason who would have been planning everybody's doom and destruction at the very top of the Devil's edifice! The bastard should soon be executed! President Trump, who may be different from all the satanic presidents that have come before him, had the right idea about locking that scarlet woman Hillary, and the people used to chant "LOCK HER UP!". Well according to some people she's killed many innocents, and I don't think that simply locking her up is enough!

Yes! If the masses want to impress the "unknown God", as he is about to enter human history once more - they must take a stand for the real truth!

Written by the Prophet of the Force: Mr Anonymous!

Ps. - There was an attack by Satanic elements on Frank last Tuesday! Apparently, according to one of the "sons 0f Light", there is a constant shadowing of both the 'sons of light' and the 'sons of darkness' towards each other, as they monitor an important personage in the outworking of the purpose of the "Force" - presumably the Darkness would like to kill such an individual, whilst the Light has to repel such attacks and protect the individual! That agent of the Light, further explained that the most dangerous times are at dawn and dusk, as the various 'agents' change shift! Well presumably the Light allowed the attack on Frank to take place, so as to teach him a bit of a lesson in humility, as he may have been a bit carried away with his important role, as of late!

This powerful force gave him an incredible shove, such that he ended-up flying through the air and heading towards this dangerous metal structure! Fortunately he managed to keep his head safe, and most of the damage was absorbed by his muscular frame, especially on his right side - just above the hip, including the lateral side of the abdomen and the lower ribs which fortunately are somewhat detached and did not break!

This attack was reminiscent of an earlier attempt on Frank's life, which Satan carried out in 1987 and Frank wrote about for his website. The interesting thing was that the Devil obviously controls the internet, because it was virtually always page 1 that was clicked-on... it was as if page 2 was censored by that bastard Devil - why? Well page 1 gave the impression that Frank was putting dark glasses on, and becoming a psychic in search of murder victims! Whereas page 2 shows that Frank had 2nd thoughts on the matter, and this caused the Devil to try and strangle him!

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