Why there's more cancers on the left of the body.

Frank Russo - April 21, 2008

As I've said many times since 1981, cancer is mainly to do with problems of circulation in the body. It's no wonder therefore that cancers are usually associated with aggressive increases of blood vasculature as this is what the particular local area is trying to rectify.

Obviously you don't need to be a Frank Russo to work-out that most people favour their right side and as such have a much better circulation on the right. It makes common-sense then to realize that the areas on the left may become deficient in some nutrients and unable to keep a balance with the right side. A redressing of such a situation may lead to cancer.

It has been documented that many more cancers happen on the left side of the body, and in further evidence for this scenario I would like to say that my left arm has many moles, whilst my right one hardly any: it goes without saying that I'm right handed.

Frank Russo.

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