Mocking the ridiculousness of Einsteinian Relativity!

Frank Russo -March 30, 2013.

This is just a reflective thought back to 1988 - when I did my "nature" jpg - which well illustrates the laughable nature of Einsteinian relativity! There I showed that if one were to travel at 299,999 km/sec then he would be travelling at about 2 km/sec for about each of our 387 seconds to make one of his seconds... one could be excused for thinking that one of our current planes could overtake him!

It was done as only a joke, imagining Newton and Einstein as my 2 cats... however its implications were very serious indeed! Time does not exist in its own right: it's only a parameter used to compare the rates of different motions... you need your head examined if you think otherwise!

In conclusion then, check my nature jpg and have a laugh at Einstein on

Should one want to maintain that it's genuine length which has been contracted, then one would be maintaining that the person travelling at 299,999 km/sec was actually really travelling at 116,189,198.5 km/sec... "remember you can't have the cake and eat it too"!

Frank Russo

p.s. - Einsteinian Relativity is not a true relativity, for the simple reason that under the theory any speeds are comparable whether you call them relative or not... as such you can compare the speed of someone going at 1 km per second with one going at 299,999 km/sec and you can't invoke any contraction defence because the speeds are directly comparable!

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