The Michelson-Morley: not a failed experiment!

Frank Russo - February 05, 2011. (Revised February 13,2011).

In science it is conventional to start off with a hypothesis to test a theory, and then set up an experiment to verify it. The experiment is usually deemed a success, if it proves the hypothesis position to be veracious, whereas if the experiment does not give the predicted effect, it is deemed to have "failed".

However, the predicted position might have been concocted in blatant ignorance, and the wrong result might have been expected... hence it's very insulting to science to have all these "half-wits", claiming that it was a "failed" experiment! The position should be revisited, and it should be acknowledged that the progenitors of the experiment were badly in error!

The Michelson Morley was an incredibly successful experiment which proves the inviolability of the absolute speed of light as opposed to the variable relative speed! Obviously things in science have to be re-evaluated as new discoveries are made... hopefully I've been instrumental in allowing this new light to come about.

Frank Russo.


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