Diabetes leap! Matching meal-size, medication and blood sugars!

Frank Pio Russo - August 07, 2014.

A mystery that I was confronted with for quite some time, was the fact that "normal" sugar levels were causing both my feet and my heart to complain... so much so that I tended to keep the levels at about 10.0 mmol/l for if I went below 8.0 both the feet and the heart would start hurting!

However, I finally realized that if I ate so as to have normal sugars on the medication I was taking, my body was being starved! I concluded that one must match the 3 key components, that is meal-size, medication and blood sugars, by considering them together and as inter-related. Obviously I have a big muscular frame, and as such I must probably eat twice as much as some other person.. naturally the medication needed to therefore be much more comprehensive... I now have 3 medications as well as a natural combination on top of that. This could be the reason why many diabetics have all sorts of problems: they are starving their bodies... their tissues are not getting enough glucose-6-phosphate.

So now with the new matched regime of larger meal-size and increased range of medications, I can now have very low sugars and both my feet and my heart do not complain. I'd be a rich man if I had something for each time I've heard that a diabetic should eat less and have low sugars! Usually the medication is only increased as a last resort when the patient is very difficult to manage! This should change, and the first thing one should do, is work-out how much food the person needs for adequate function, and then following this, the medication should be titrated to deliver normal sugars.

Yes! Gone should be the day of weak and sick diabetics... diabetes should no longer be viewed as a sentence of some sort. I hope my incisive insight in this matter is taken on-board by the medical fraternity.

Frank Pio Russo.

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