Massive blatant error in Stellar Aberration: it's been there for nearly 300 years!

Frank Pio Russo - November 28, 2014.

Ever since Bradley's day, there's been a serious error in the understanding of stellar aberration: that's now been the case for almost 3 centuries! The correction was made and the telescopes were angled, but the beam was always made to fall on the 'early' position of the earth, as if the earth was not moving faster than the star to give you the aberration in the first place!

Obviously the reason you have to angle the telescope, is so as to 'catch' advanced light early: if light had to travel in a very long telescope for a full second on the ecliptic at midnight down from the perpendicular sky, then light would have to be caught a full 30,216.6 metres in advance... but of course the telescope is usually much shorter than that, hence the advance need not be much... e.g. if the telescope is only just over a metre long (as in my triangular accompanying diagram), then the advance need only be a tenth of a millimetre.

This was very difficult to unfathom from the existing erroneous knowledge, and was hampering my progress to an overall complete view. The foregoing can also be easily appreciated by the vertical rain analogy: one obviously has to angle the umbrella if running, so as to catch the rain further ahead of you - in advance.

In conclusion this solves all my problems, because a distant star would definitely have perpendicular rays spreading over some distance... (or at least over a few millimetres). I hope everybody in science will be able to follow my recent work and appreciate its nearly 30 years in the making!

Frank Pio Russo.

490 Diagram: Massive blatant error in Stellar Aberration. Frank Pio Russo, Posted : November 28, 2014.

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