How to turn defecating from a messy and dirty act into a very clean and pleasant experience!

Frank Pio Russo - July 27, 2017.

Have you ever been in a public toilet to do your 'business'? And there's some sort of dispenser that aliquots you just a couple of flimsy toilet papers! You obviously dispense a number of them, and it can be a nightmare to clean yourself sufficiently well enough for your underwear and trousers not to become 'soiled'... and often there's no brush to scrub the bowl clean, nor any disinfectant to make it sanitary - let alone any deodorizer to make it smell nice.

Well you can circumvent all of this unpleasantness and make your experience much, much better! All you have to do is to drink a glass of water - after your evening meal - containing a couple of heaped teaspoons of Metamucil fiber... now if you take a lot of medications at that time, you might want to schedule these for the morning instead of the evening, or stagger them a bit as their absorption might otherwise be slightly impaired.

Now the beauty of this, is that you'll always be 'regular' in the morning, and will not get caught at a shopping centre frantically searching for a toilet! Furthermore the stools will come out cleanly without leaving any residue on your bottom's skin, nor badly dirtying the toilet bowl: if the fiber dose is adjusted correctly, you shouldn't have to even use any toilet paper at all!! Although one would go through the motions just to make sure this is so - every time - as you sometimes eat some unusual foods.

Current medical authorities are rather non-sensical : "Oh you mustn't make a habit of it as it can be habit forming!". But hang on... this is a habit very worth having, and there's certainly nothing wrong with having some natural fiber regularly. Another added advantage is that this fiber will feed and encourage all of this good gut bacteria, which is very central to good health. What's more your toilet will never be smelly again, and the stools might even float in the bowl's water!

Finally, you will avoid very unpleasant constipation which - like childbirth - can be very damaging: creating hemorrhoids and fissures. Yes! Start having pleasant experiences from now on, instead of continuing to put up with messy and dirty ones instead.

Frank Pio Russo.



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