Outlining a major cardinal error in Relativity!

Frank Pio Russo - November 22, 2014.

All the available intelligence in the formative years of einsteinian Relativity, hit a very solid brick wall! One of its major stumbling blocks was to combine both the stationary perpendicular and the moving perpendicular as if they were one and the same entity: that is, as if the laws of the natural world are up to us to formulate... a bit like when chess was concocted and it was decided to have both the bishop and the rook combine as one entity!

If a star is moving, it is impossible to have it emit a light beam (in the absolute frame), which both travels at right angle to its motion and at the same time moves along with the star... for that you need a hypotenusal motion! Yet the 'bright sparks' that came up with the past century of relativity, insisted on having their magical 'queen': they insanely believed that light was travelling both hypotenusally and perpendicularly at the same time. That's like saying that a number can have two values (i.e. it can be both 4 and 5 at the same time!).

I am glad that I was able to zero-in on this major inconsistency! It's very important because if you're dealing with a stationary perpendicular, then you're dealing with the absolute speed of light! Whereas if you're dealing with the moving perpendicular, then it's no longer the absolute speed of light, but rather you're now dealing with the relative speed of light instead... the latter being somewhat slower because of the extra length it has to negotiate hypotenusally!

In conclusion, cardinal errors that warp one's perception of the real physical world should be readily discarded and the paradigm corrected.

Frank Pio Russo.



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