“The End of Biblical Studies”

July 08, 2014


Biblical study is a dead entity interested in promoting a closed shop with all these academic jobs about nothing! I can only respond by recommending another book by a true scholar: “The End of Biblical Studies” by Hector Avalos…  give me science instead of it - any day!


Frank Russo.


P.S. Often for a revolution to happen, new people have to come from outside a system, without the bias of the system’s convoluted and pointless doctorates. The calibre of their work can often be appraised by the scholarly works and quotations which they elucidate and reinterpret, to give a new perspective. So do go on and consider the Bibliography of some of the books I recommend! And as to the Bible and its “historicity of Jesus worth reading”, that is non-existent unless you use “faith” or to put it in a more practical term “credulity”!


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