Your article on Judas backs my 20 year held view

Letter to Ian McPhedran dated March 14, 2006

Frank P. Russo

P.O. Box 90, Campbelltown 5074 South Australia




Hi Ian:


Your news report on the “Judas Gospel” backs my view that Judas was the nicest person from the New Testament. He was the only one of the Apostles to have had an education: from Judah rather than from where all the rebels came from – the impoverished Galilee!


As treasurer he made sure there was plenty of money for the miracles i.e. food for the poor – the accusation of him stealing from the purse was retrospective – and just that: purely an accusation. Whereas Jesus may have been a “glutton”, Judas genuinely cared for the poor (as shown by his concern for the great waste to do with the oil and spices with which Jesus was anointed by a prostitute).


My argument has always been that he was foreknown and foreordained by the Force. Jesus said “One of you will betray me!” in reference to the OT account about the 30 pieces of silver. It was Judas who understood clearly and said “Is it I Lord?”… In other words “Do you want me to do it Jesus?”… To which Jesus replied “Go do it quickly!”…


If Judas had simply been like Brutus to Caesar, he would not have thrown the money away, but would have rather celebrated than commit suicide.




Frank P Russo.

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