Knowing and explaining 'the mind of God'!

Frank Pio Russo -  January 25, 2018.

Many writers have skirted around the edges of this subject about the mind of God, without dealing with the nitty gritty or meaty bits of this subject matter... the most noteworthy of these was Paul Davies with his book the Mind of God for which he won the Templeton Prize.

However to me it is clear that a true prophet of Yahweh or Jehovah, should actually know the mind of God and be able to explain its salient points to others. Of course we must first define what we mean by God! No I'm not talking about any Trinity... (for a discussion on the Trinity see my previous article: 611 From basher of the Satanic Trinity to defender of the Scientific Trinity ! Posted September 25, 2017)... We must remember that any physical God the Father, would be no more than a chairman presiding over other human Gods, for as both Psalms and the mythical J.C. said "You are Gods"!

However we humans are no more than simple puppets, as the real GOD is an invisible all-permeating Force which generates the mirage of time, and as such is responsible for all activity in our universe! It should be rather obvious then, that if God is a disembodied Force, He would of course do his thinking by manoeuvring the material Universe around! Yes it appears to be a rather simple concept when verbalized in writing by me, and this is the real truth - namely that our physical Universe is none other than 'the mind of God'!

Now sure evil has been existing for at least more than 6,000 years... however the question regarding mankind's possible independence needed to be settled once for all eternity! I am convinced this has now been accomplished: it is not up to man alone to guide his steps and he certainly doesn't need any help from that saboteur Satan the Devil!

In conclusion then... let's remember who we really are, for as 1st Corinthians 6:19 says - "our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit"! Yes we are all part of the mind of God, as his spirit permeates every atom of our very being... so please let's live up to our calling.

Frank Pio Russo



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