Killing the mystery of mature onset diabetes: there's nothing wrong with people's pancreases nor does fatness induce any massive insulin resistance.

Frank Pio Russo - June 11, 2017.


As people are succumbing to diabetes by the millions - no it's not their pancreas and no it's not their diet - the problem is becoming rather evident and it all boils down to simple physical inactivity... it's mildly complicated and has to do with antioxidants and flavonoids, which a) may be missing or too low in concentration or b) are not being depopulated of electrons quickly enough so as to suck up the constant flow of the latter from food which is being digested.


Just about every Tom Dick and Harry is succumbing to diabetes, so it's an idiotic thing to blame everybody's pancreas... likewise it can't be everybody's diet at fault either... but it can be a total failure of everybody to carry out adequate physical activity: with all the computers and vast means of entertainment at our disposal - not to mention all the forms of transportation - just about every house in the western world has multiple cars.

Now the reason physical activity is so important is because - as I've said before - our bodies are virtually a form of a hydrogen machine: we harvest all the hydrogen off of our foods' building blocks, and then strip all of the electrons off of these to run our electrical bodies, whilst we process the resultant hydrogen protons through the acidification of our urine.

Now obviously raw electron currents can be very damaging, such that as with most of our machines in our homes, one needs a gentle power supply to efficiently distribute such electricity. This is where antioxidants and flavonoids come in: they absorb all the electrons produced by simply reverting to their reduced form! Then as the bodies do their work, antioxidants and flavonoids release these electrons in a gentle manner by simply becoming oxidized.

Of course our bodies do not consist of a tangled interaction of things such as insulin, glucagon etc. - these hormones are only there to deal with excesses... most things should virtually almost take care of themselves in a very simple and uncomplicated way. The problem with most diabetics is that the 'simple' process is almost totally absent! What should be happening is that our muscles and bodies should be in constant electron debt due to the periodic and recurrent physical activity which we should be carrying out, and as a result we should be constantly converting masses of antioxidants and flavonoids into their oxidized form... the latter of course being now oxidized are free to suck-up and absorb all the electrons being produced through the digestion of foods - this process would explain why sudden sugar hits would be bad and why complex carbohydrates are an ideal source of energy.

Of course all of the foregoing breaks down if one reverts to an inactive sedentary life... which of course obesity or fatness makes much worse because one is impeded from physical activity even more so if fat... i.e. he may even find walking a problem!

In conclusion, the reason scientists have been somewhat blind to this, is because they have not understood our bodies biochemistry as clearly as I have... I've been talking about this for some twenty years whilst the bulk of academia has been generalizing about 'fat resistance'... even the electron debt was missed by talking about oxygen debt!

Yes! With exercise I now regularly see my sugars around 4 or 5 milli-moles per litre, and I hope the medical establishment takes on board all that I've been saying.

Ps. - Of course whilst the storage levels are still somewhat high (e.g. fat, starch, glycogen etc.), the deposition reactions are going to favour going back to glucose whilst supposedly in equilibrium: so one needs to drastically reduce these to end-up with a very stable glucose level.

Frank Pio Russo.

















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