Is there anything good about having deviants marrying and gaining full acceptance ?

Anonymous - August 07, 2012.

The gay movement is counterproductive as it's both destroying the family and consequently society in general. Such a union is of a terminal nature as it does not engender procreation nor encourage evolution of new genes with survival of the fitter ones: instead it 'fathers' the death and destruction of genes.

Nevertheless there might actually be one single thing about it all, that might be good... and that is to bring these immoral demonic workers of evil, out into the open. Perhaps this was the meaning of the parabolic harvest of the 'parousia': the weeds and the wheat were a mixed crop for many centuries - till now. Yes the gays are now becoming manifest - they are coming out into the open - firstly amongst the churches and now in the rest of society in general.

I don't have a great deal of time for organized religion with its stuffy formal clothes and all these sanctimonious meetings. The way I see things is that God was a great Architect, and as such engendered things to end up working out the way he foresaw them. Yes to go ahead and sift through religious beliefs, is like going through a mine-field - not even the greatest scholars could come up trumps! However I think everything is much simpler than that: perhaps the whole heterosexual Christian world is one whole entity, that will guide the rest of the world!

How then does Armageddon come about ? Well it's brought about through the destruction of the enemies of God! I can clearly see a mainly Christian coalition of nations with its willing sympathizers as sort of acolytes of theirs, taking the lead in world affairs and engineering the destruction of "death cults"... this is definitely currently going on around the world today.

Yes! And the picture in Revelation appears to be that Armageddon is brought about by the armies, with both the armies and the commercial world surviving, whilst the religious false empire is destroyed. However, key to the whole issue is that all the gays and homosexuals have to also be thrown in the figurative lake of fire and sulfur ... i.e. be destroyed. And this is what's good about the gays gaining all this public acceptance by this Satanic world: it's so that the armies can turn on these and destroy them at the opportune time - and they're all "dead people walking", as they have no long term prospects of life. Perhaps this is why Trump is stopping gays from being part of the military service... BLESS YOU MR. TRUMP !











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