Are there 2 strata of civilizations living side by side with the advanced one unknown to the primitive one?

Frank P Russo - April 17, 2016.

Two good books that I've read in recent years were "Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past" edited by Michael Pye & Kirsten Dalley and "The Ancient Alien Question" by Philip Coppens. (Further similar evidence is found in the book by Acharia S "The Christ Conspiracy" pages 391-405).

Basically the premise held there, is that there's clear evidence for earlier civilizations that had great knowledge and did great feats! For a start apparently the Sphinx and the 'Egyptian' pyramids are much, much older than previously thought, not to mention that a similar complex existed on Mars in Cydonia. Apparently there's evidence from all over the world: of course everybody knows about Stonehenge... but even more astonishing, apparently there's a similar thing on a smaller scale somewhere in Australia, which is being claimed for the primitive Aborigines. However some people have been quick to point out that the latter couldn't even invent the wheel, and had mathematics which apparently consisted of the numbers "one, two and many" (as Mr Stojko once pointed out to me - seeing he had had some aborigines next-door!).

All I can do is speculate that whilst we have 'old' technology like rockets, they would most probably use what we term UFOs. Perhaps they have bases under our seas so as to be impervious to an asteroid or comet strike; or perhaps our planet is hollow in some places.

They would use us to grow most of their foods, and have their commerce-agents operating amongst us. This would be a bit like how the 'apostate'  Jehovah's Witnesses procure books for their clientele: they have some bogus affiliate of some sort write to Brooklyn - claiming he's a teacher or something like that - and would like a copy of the particular book for each of his students... hence the Watchtower would be unaware that they are supplying weapons to their enemies!

These advanced people would be the ones who would basically infiltrate all of our secret services... it would have been them that would have stopped us from bringing in a very simple identification method like the Australia card... they want to be able to move freely amongst us! It's also them who decide when a major release of a 'new' medication comes about... (they would of course already have it for themselves!)

They apparently have their major residencies in most mental hospitals - occasionally controlling entire wards: remember the big fuss when Glenside was going to be closed down... all of a sudden there were all these 'crazies' let loose around society - just to make the point that Glenside needed to remain open! I doubt that the patients they use as their 'pawns' would have any suspicions of what's going on.

It's also these so-called advanced earthlings - with key people everywhere - who decide who makes the news and who does not... one could have discoveries coming out of his ears but if these parasite bastards are muscling in on him, they can keep him secluded and screened off from becoming famous! They may make people like Prime Minister Holt disappear... they could even decide to certify and lock-up our current prime minister if they so felt like it! They would have all sorts of triggers for breakdowns at their instant disposal!

However, there's no need to panic in view of the foregoing! Apparently it's a bit like what the ancient Essenes foresaw with their writing of the "battle of the sons of Light versus the sons of Darkness". I would assume that there are 2 networks of these people who shadow each other, monitoring the development of key people. Apparently the most dangerous time is at dawn and dusk when these people are changing shifts!

In conclusion, yes I think there are advanced people here, however they may well have been here all the time as earlier civilizations in charge of our planet.

Frank Pio Russo.














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