Is our ribcage an exoskeleton which is choking many of us to death !

Frank Pio Russo - December 21, 2016.

It is mainly the insects which are renowned for having exoskeletons, which often have to be modified and enlarged such that the insect can continue to grow. A similar concept is at work with the shells of turtles, tortoises and snails... then of course there is snakes, which actually shed their skin so as to grow bigger!

However there is something very similar which happens much closer to home: our ribcages are essentially such an exoskeleton as well, although it has not been recognized as such till now! Sure it grows with us as we mature into adulthood much like the shell of a turtle does, however this is no longer possible in any big way as adult humans continue to pack on the weight! Not only can some organs grow somewhat oversize - but in this era of affluence - most people are packing in all this adipose or fat tissue.

This consequence has many deleterious effects. True some of the weight moves down to grow along the abdomen, simply because there is no ribcage there to block its expansion: this ends up greatly interfering with the proper functions of the diaphragm, leading to shortness of breath and possibly some asthma. True the ribcage has some expansionary flexibility, however the intercostal muscles can only do so much - this is especially problematic if the weight gain is rather sudden and does not give the body adequate time to adjust.

The individuals concerned would have clear telling signs that they have a serious problem. For a start they would not be able to tie their own shoelaces... secondly their mobility would be greatly reduced, with the danger of easily toppling over - being top heavy... they would also find it very difficult to get out of bed unassisted... furthermore getting up off the floor may become almost impossible, if they were to fall over. It must also be mentioned that their hygiene would suffer, particularly because they would be unable to view and monitor their genital area, as their protruding abdomen would block their vision.

Finally: of course getting adequate air through proper breathing is by far the most serious issue that I've mentioned! I would go so far as to assert that our ribcages are an exoskeleton which is choking many of us humans to death, in this modern world where there is a great abundance of rich nutrition,

Frank Pio Russo.


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