Is our Fluoride the equivalent of the Lead of ancient Rome?

Frank Russo - April 14, 2010

It has often been said that ancient Rome's civilization crumbled away because of its ubiquitous use of lead : especially in their drinking utensils... leading to the comprehensive deterioration of their health... e.g. anaemia, infertility, low libido, mental retardation etc. etc.

And towards the end of their power, they were using foreigners or barbarians as their soldiers to defend themselves! Well the same thing is happening to the western world today: only their poison is Fluorine instead of Lead! Like the Romans, the use of their poison might make them feel civilized, advanced and even healthier! The lure being less tooth caries!

Scientists tend to fritter away the seriousness by even explaining away the fact that diabetics tend to concentrate fluoride in their systems. However it may have never occurred to them that they are putting the cart before the horse and it may be the fluoride that is causing the diabetes to begin with! As I've explained before, fluorides are disastrous for us, because they cause insulin resistance and frustrate utilization of glucose by our bodies!

Fluorides in toothpastes should be used with caution, and the mouth should be well rinsed many times after its use. Our drinking water should never be poisoned with fluorides!

Frank Russo.

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