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Frank Pio Russo (RussoRelativity)

Studied at the South Australian Institute of Technology - now University of South Australia.

P.O. Box 90 Campbelltown 5074 South Australia

Frank was born in Tufara Valle Caudina (Benevento Province). He received his elementary instructions in a class with all 5 grades combined and without a library. At the end of grade one, someone showed him the multiplication tables: he learnt them instantly! After only two years, that is by the time he got to grade three: the grade fives were copying off of him at maths... furthermore, Frank was the only one who was free of spelling errors!

Following this, he went to the best school in the nearest large town of Montesarchio: (comune circa 13,000). The school was called Scuola Statale Giosue’ Carducci: he easily came top of the class in his first year there. Following this success, he tried to get his father to leave him behind in Italy as a ward of the state so that he could study. His father refused and Frank lost interest in school that year... his attitude was that he would have to start from scratch when he got to Australia, so he decided to help his father with the land and with the domestic animals that year.

His intellectual potential had always been there: when he was only a couple of years old, some important person cautioned his parents and told them that he was abnormal...nobody can be that intelligent that young!

Because of his mother’s death, he left for Australia. The town’s parish priest said that Frank had the potential to become anybody he wanted to be: nothing was beyond his reach! (I think he was fond of his best religious instruction pupil who had won a bronze medal in the open section, within days of his mother’s death at nine years of age... this was out of the whole Archdiocese of Benevento which had about 12 suffragans with 866,171 catholics... whilst in grade four.)

Frank got to Australia and picked up English so quickly that he went from ungradable to third in the school in his first year there, at the final exams. The headmaster there became so impressed with his progress that he gave him the title of "Mathematician No.1", and would often send him all alone to study in the library to do mathematical research.

Not long after this, his family became Jehovah’s Witnesses and his father became a pensioner; so there was neither the inclination nor the finances for a long education. Frank became interested at excelling at sports and getting a part-time job at the local supermarket whilst still at school. At fifteen he became a first division reserve in soccer, he further went on to become first outright in the state in olympic lifting whilst only nineteen, and set three Australian Powerlifting Records whilst also nineteen. Furthermore, at twenty years of age he won Junior Mr Adelaide in bodybuilding and following this he went on to play A-Grade Chess.

He noticed that whenever he did any school-work, he came first with an A. The family decided for him to leave school at the end of year eleven, so Frank decided to leave his mark on the educational system: he took two weeks off before the exams and studied and passed a State Record of 11 subjects.

He eventually got a job at the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science. In his first year there, he decided to sit for his Matriculation as an independent student and got a good straight-A average without any tuition and without going to school! This was whilst also doing his Medical Technicians Certificate for which he became a Technical Officer... he also did some further studies into an Associate Diploma in Medical Technology and also into an Associate Diploma in Interpreting and Translating. Of course being a novice at laboratory politics, he did not prosper at the IMVS despite exceptional skills (e.g. Automation and Atomic Absorption)... at the latter he came first in Australasia out of 95 labs and second in the world out of 570 labs - and with bad equipment!

Frank became totally bored with routine repetition of tests and tasks. He was also doing massive amounts of overtime as well as being on call almost every-night: by 1981 his natural sleep began to disappear till eventually Frank retired with a sleeping disorder. It is as a result of this brilliant move that Frank came to spend the next four years on trying to change the blood theology of Jehovah’s Witnesses and then eventually settled down to continue his brooding over eternal life and the universe. He has since spent some 26 years researching and publishing new insights into the speed of light and the universe in general, and his breakthrough on the Michelson-Morley experiment has been epoch-changing... we can only hope that the scientific community takes notice!

His Progress in his first year in Australia:

Note that these are ‘Raw/Absolute Scores’, which would translate to ~100% as ‘Relative Scores’ in today’s Education Systems!

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