It's great to have intelligent kidneys !

Frank Pio Russo - September 12, 2018.

As I've recently mentioned most doctors exhibit a very low IQ, and this is clearly evident by their insistence on having diabetic patients fast for their blood pathology testing. This is ridiculous especially in view of the fact that diabetics eat very little fat as a rule!

Now what has been happening every time the stupid medical system stuffs me up, is that as I fast overnight for some blood testing, my sugar drops so that I'm almost having a hypo by the time I'm ready to go and have my blood taken... so naturally I have to eat and of course I go ahead and eat non-fatty foods so as to not disrupt the analyses of fats or lipids. However as the result is generated, it usually comes through very high for the glucose!

Now thank God I have intelligent kidneys! Whenever I have a high glucose my kidneys are aware of this and spring a leak of some sort developing urinary proteinuria of close to 1 gram /litre of urine ! I guess this is some sort of protection mechanism, to relieve high blood pressure and stop major damage to the nephrons!

Naturally by the time a week or two go by, or as soon as the glucose is normal again, the proteinuria drops down to almost normal levels! Yes! my kidneys are really incredible and have thus far survived a heavy battering by my diabetes for many decades!

No thanks to the stupid doctors who have constantly caused these insults to my system, with their stupid insistence on having me fast for my pathology tests!

Frank Pio Russo.


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