New weapon against mental illnesses: insulin stabilizes stress illnesses very well!

Frank Pio Russo - December 25 2015.

Both diabetes and stress illnesses are very closely linked, so much so that often "mature onset diabetes" can almost be viewed as another facet of stress: namely the inability of the pancreas to react to stressors. It is an established fact that when we encounter a stressful event in our lives, our bodies react with the instant release of various hormone releasing factors from our hypothalamus, and these in turn cause the release of the various respective hormones leading to the production of even other hormones... e.g. cortisol, growth hormone, (catecholamines) adrenalin etc. These hormones are extremely important for the body to react with the 'fight/flight' response, for which the body needs to make available a very high amount of sugar... of course if the stress should become chronic the pancreas might be unable to cope.

Now one need not be a genius to realize that if one has a hypoactive insulin producing pancreas, this would lead to diabetes! Naturally one would want to ameliorate the stress involved, nevertheless a lot of patients would end up retaining an exaggerated response to stress stimuli, for which the patient would require some extra insulin - beyond his natural capacities. It is obvious then that many patients would stand to benefit from insulin administration.

Well how exactly would you judge whether such a therapy has great merit? After-all a lot of patients' symptoms are of  a subjective nature that can't be easily translated into so many words. Well most stress patients self-medicate with astronomical amounts of coffee  as this allows them to cope with both the stress they perceive, and also any sugar inadequacies - as both their diet and sugar control would be found wanting.

Well a stress control case recently went on insulin for his associated mature onset diabetes: this is a very pertinent case indeed because the individual concerned actually drank 24 cups of coffee - spread over every 24 hour period - to cure his ongoing stress! However since going on insulin, the individual concerned has found that he no longer needs his astronomical amount of coffee. He finds that he now only drinks the coffee for pleasure, rather than for some physiological need - and the big bonus is that he can now rest a lot more at night!

Finally, any psychiatrist would know the veracity of what I'm outlining... it is easy to take note of the dependence on coffee by stress patients, and in view of the foregoing the insulin therapy should be considered in the hope that such patients might return to normal life!

Frank Pio Russo.







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