Implications of my diabetes cure onto arthritis

Frank Pio Russo - September 9, 2018.

In my past writings on diabetes, I have mentioned that with a lot more sugar in our bloodstream, most of our enzymes will become glycosilated and lose some of their physiological function. Now whilst this is definitely very significant, I did not believe that it adequately explained all the damage and mayhem that accompanied diabetes and ravaged both the body and the joints!

However, the discovery that I made in 2003 regarding toxic, acidic hydrogen ions, is definitely very capable of explaining all the severe damage that accompanies diabetes. The evidence I put forward for this conclusion is my observation that a huge number of diabetics have damaged joints that refuse to ever heal, but are instead constantly getting worse! In my example I had a slight, minor hip problem that despite all sorts of supplements, kept getting worse till I very recently became bedridden as a total invalid cripple.

Nevertheless I never got discouraged and kept pursuing an ever elusive cure for most things. Well I believe that I very recently hit the jackpot with my cure for diabetes, and the ramifications of this cure are spreading to almost all other areas of our bodies! For starters, despite the fact that I was on the semi-urgent list for a hip replacement operation, my hip has improved remarkably and I'm no longer bedridden and am walking around with a walking-stick! I must have an X-ray next, to actually document the marked improvement.

Also, the intense pain in one of my ankles has almost disappeared - this I'm sure is also due to my successful intervention into my diabetes! Yes my body is in healing mode once more, and it also helps to be off tranquilizers and be sexually active once more.

Frank Pio Russo.


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