Our blood pressure and being  a hydrogen machine.

Frank Russo - August 03 2008.

Just a brief addendum to my recent paper where I suggested that our bodies are a hydrogen machine. One must of course realize the logical extension of this principle and how it predicts what happens to our blood pressure.

If as we eat food and convert it to energy we actually generate electricity which breaks water up into oxygen and hydrogen, then with these gasses in our bloodstream one would expect that following any ingestion of food our blood pressure would resultantly go up: This is what the observations do actually show!

Furthermore, if as we do work with our muscles, our muscles are actually using the needed electrical energy and oxygen and hydrogen ( or hydrogen ions), are supplying this electrical energy to form water and releasing the needed electrons, then one would expect the blood pressure to go down following some work. The latter is what is actually observed.

Yes the facts do fit my working hypothesis very well!

Frank Russo.

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