How human microbiota reveals where the 'dark matter' of our universe is!

Frank Pio Russo - April 07, 2016.

People have been very perplexed for quite a while as to the whereabouts of the elusive 'dark matter' which is supposedly hidden from view in our universe. For many years, I've been suggesting that there are an infinite number of infinitesimally smaller and smaller particles which tend to aggregate to form bigger and bigger structures: this is where the dark matter is - it's too small to be currently observed!

The beautiful analogy which well illustrates all of this, is to do with our microbiota. Apparently most of us have up to about 3% of our body-weight as microbes or flora of some kind:

Yet up till very recently, nobody suspected such a vast 'hidden' or 'dark' amount of foreign particles in our bodies, which are interwoven with our system - even reacting to orders from our own neuro-transmitters! Apparently there are about 140 trillion bacteria in our gut alone! Wow!

What people have got to realize is that there's no limit to how small things can get: zero doesn't really exist! And as things get smaller and smaller, they experience a vaster and vaster increase in roominess around them: so much so that neutrinos can usually go straight through our earth, without bumping into anything at all!

People thought that the natural laws dissipated into chaos as one approached zero, but instead the natural laws continue on beautifully - with the simple adjustment that physiological time increases as things get smaller, such that a true 'relativity' can exist! The latter happens because gravity is still going at the same pace even though things have got smaller - thus speeding everything up!

In conclusion, I hope that the analogy of our microbiota - (gut flora etc.) - helps all of you to see the veracity of what I have been proposing for many years.

Frank Pio Russo.




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