Where to look, so as to identify UFOs and extraterrestrial activity!

Frank Pio Russo - November 05, 2015.

Our planet can spend a great deal of money with SETI and other endeavors, to attempt to observe UFOs and extraterrestrial activity... however if one is doing this blindly - without appropriate logistics - he'll no doubt come up with naught!

My recent articles on particle spin and flying saucers should actually give us a few pointers. Firstly the obvious thing to do is to look for planets that are earthlike and in the goldilocks zone... i.e. at the right distance from their star: not too hot and not too cold and with liquid water - this we are currently doing of course. However this might not result into anything significant, because such planets would not be very advanced and might actually be even more 'retarded' than our own earth!

What we've got to do is look for advanced civilizations. This we can do by looking for star systems and planets that are travelling and/or spinning very fast. In other words we must look for civilizations that are attempting to incorporate the speed of light into their daily existence. This would indeed be evidence that such civilizations have moved beyond the einsteinian non-sense that's stunted our earth's progress!

If we do find such a 'planet' - of which some 'pulsars' might be a likely candidate - then we must realize that such a fast spinning planet's inhabitants would need 'flying saucers' to travel on and off such an entity. And the ports for such 'ships' would of course be their poles or polar regions. This would be the slowest rotating spot on such a 'planet', so a UFO could here rotate in the opposite direction and phase itself with the non-rotating rest of the universe. In so doing it could then easily travel to where it wanted to go... (without having to follow a never-ending spiral... which would of course make such travels impossible - to some extent!)

So in view of the foregoing, let's focus our attention on some of the polar regions of some of these pulsars and other fast moving objects. I'm sure that the Einstein phenomenon was engendered by these extra-terrestrials to stop primitive aggressive civilizations from moving out into space before they were mature enough! No! Light-speed is not impossible and it does not slow you down: but rather it is attainable and actually gives you longevity at normal time!

In conclusion, we can forget these UFOs making appearances en-masse to 'convert' the populace at large, whilst we still have barbaric regimes operating amongst us! Furthermore, to me it's obvious that they want us to have our own heroes... it would make little sense to attribute life to a sort of Superman from Krypton... for the sequence to then continue on, and on, and on: i.e. to Krypton from somewhere-else... and to somewhere-else from elsewhere and so on and on!

Frank Pio Russo.














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