Why men and women are the same and how the Force eliminates the bias of circumstances!

Frank Pio Russo - September 29, 2017.

One thing that should be obvious to most, is that the Force has no desire to compel anybody to conform to its wishes. If that's what it wanted, it would have created robots right from the start, and there would have been no need for the Devil to spring up, nor any question of humans wanting their independence from God, and to choose for themselves what to call good or evil.

A fundamental thing that we should of course recognize, is that although Nietzsche was somewhat correct in maintaining that there's no such thing as evil, the Force that activates our bodies has some sort of rights: it has genuine grounds to attempt to instil its own values in us creatures... this being even more so in a gregarious society where one's got to get on with his fellow men.

In view of the foregoing, I've had the strong view since childhood, that the Force aliquots about 10 different phenotypes - with their own individual degrees of difficulty - for every brain genotype! In1982 the Force actually hinted to me who my other expressions in history have been! No doubt many of us have felt we've lived before... some of us even having inklings of previous lives! Perhaps in one phenotype one may have been the son of a puritanical minister of religion, whilst in another the son of a couple of drug addicts! Furthermore in another version one may have been able-bodied whilst in another a cripple! The Force may also be interested whether a couple would curse the Force if a child of theirs would be born with Downs syndrome, or catch cancer at a young age! What's more, everybody tends to praise the Force when things are "rosy" and going well, but what about when the luck turns and the going gets tough?

Yes! I definitely believe that this is the answer to the age-old question about the existence of evil and calamity... the Book of Job did a valiant effort at trying to explain this dilemma, but unfortunately the picture was not very clear in those early days! Whereas I can envisage the whole thing very clearly today.

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. Of course it goes without saying that one may have been both a man and a woman in different phenotypes, as these are simply the result of hormone effects resulting from whether one has an x or a y chromosome. This is also reflected by the original Hebrew language, where Adam simply meant "human" and it is not till after the woman was made from the man, that the terms man and woman came into being - some scholars actually say that the record calls a woman "a female man". (The nonsense of allowing people to morph their gender is reflected by the recent youth who after going from boy to girl, regretted it and changed his mind and is now morphing back to being a male.)









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