How the Ancients knew the planets: a case of reverse acquisition!

Frank Pio Russo - July 24, 2015.

Popular culture has painted the ancients as incredible astronomers, capable of knowing the planets like the back of their hands without any tools... however the truth might be quite different!

Their Gods might have always existed from the dawn of the mists of time, independent of whether they knew any planets or not! It was their Gods that filled their everyday life, rather than their knowledge of any planets! Their imagination was filled with their goings-on, and poor Velikovsky got the wrong end of the stick by taking such things literally!

In other words, as people went along and eventually became conscious of the existence of a planet: that's when they named the planet after one of their Gods... rather than the other way round! And all that the populace knew was the Gods rather than the planets... the masses would have been oblivious to the planets... only the rare erudite would have known about them! In other words it was a case of reverse acquisition, compared to what most people suppose happened, today!

Basically this is what happened in more recent times... Uranus , Neptune and Pluto were discovered and then given names of Gods... the Gods were already known for thousands of years - but not the planets: of course! This might appear like a simple concept, but you will be amazed at how much debate there is about ancients actually knowing planets that would have been invisible to their naked eyes: many resort to such occult knowledge as having been distributed by extra-terrestrials!

Yes! The ancients were clever, but they were definitely not miracle workers!

Frank Pio Russo.


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