Who are the biggest bastards of the western world? And how do they destabilize and destroy individuals that they target?

Anonymous - November 22, 2018.

The biggest bastards of the western world are undoubtedly its secret services organizations, such as MI6, ASIO, the CIA and MOSSAD. I had plenty of evidence about how these 'mongrels' destabilize and totally destroy, many innocent individuals!

Frank Russo recounted to me how he once had a long discussion with a famous US psychiatrist, who had written many books on psychiatry. He was apparently of Iranian ethnicity, and he really liked some of Frank Russo's scientific articles that he had read!

He told Frank that with his intelligence he could become anybody in this world - even a Prime Minister - but the only thing he could never become was a psychiatrist! Now this left Frank rather perplexed as to what the good doctor was inferring! Well after considering the issue very deeply, Frank came to the conclusion that not only were psychiatrists about the most powerful professionals on our planet, but they - as a class - were the most devious and dishonest individuals around... and were very capable of masquerading as quite normal and very pleasant individuals.

Well apparently the facts were that at least 90 % of them, were working for some secret spy organization, or more correctly, they were on-call - ready to improvise some stratagem for their spy bosses! Frank then recalled how a powerful Attorney General, who had been accused of being a friend of the Mafia, had a very public breakdown! Well there were no grounds for the accusation... sure the Attorney General spoke fluent Italian, but since when has being able to speak a language had criminal connotations? Frank was sure that some psychiatrist- spy had got to him and drugged him to induce his breakdown!

Now these bastard spies use all sorts of dirty tricks to accomplish their objectives! One obvious one is to access the back-yard of their target individual, and spray the various clothes that they find on the clothes-line, with all sorts of drugs! Now if that approach was to fail, because the individual does not dismiss his clothes as being simply itchy, and might actually rewash them and dry them with a dryer inside the house, making them somewhat inaccessible - what then?

Naturally they start using other methods. One common one is to spray them with special psychoactive aerosols. Now should they find a very difficult case, well they'll settle in just turning the individual into an "intensive care" patient! One way they can do this, is by getting in front of their 'target' with knowledge of their intended itinerary, and attempt a right turn where they expect the target that's following them, to also turn right. Now what does the bastard spy do? Well he moves deep into the middle of the road, appearing to prepare to turn right. Naturally the 'target' also lines up behind him, also ready to turn! But wait, what's this bastard spy up to? He's had plenty of opportunity to turn and he hasn't! Well the traffic lights actually go amber, and the bastard still doesn't move despite you blowing your horn at him! He actually waits - with you trapped or sandwiched behind him - till the cars on the intersecting road start moving because of their now green light! He actually does his turn at the very last instant and only just manages to avoid an accident! Thanks to that bastard spy, you're left in the middle of the road with cars screaming towards you from both sides... the only thing you can do is to forcefully press your horn and keep it pressed for as long as it takes for the other drivers to become aware of your predicament!

You might wonder how these bastard spies know all your movements! Well as soon as you become their target, the bastards place a "network" over your house! From that moment on, it's the bastards that answer all your outgoing calls, and if they suspect you happen to know the people you're ringing, well they just play a message-bank for you and hope you're dumb enough to leave a message! Now regardless of who you ring - whether it's a workman or simply a government department - whoever rings you back or comes to carryout some job or repairs at your place - will definitely be a spy! You might end-up getting almost a dozen silent numbers in a row from Telstra, because you believe your phone might be compromised! However it's all pointless because it's the spies that give you your new number, and it is very obvious because they even manage to convince you to accept "call control" without realizing that the spies with your call-control code can do all sorts of new tricks with your phone!

Another common trick they use to get you mangled-up in a vehicular accident, is to turn into a supermarket entrance drive-way which is totally empty, and they have observed you by satellite to closely follow in these sort of situations! Well they slam the brakes on, at the start of the driveway for no reason at all, but simply to trap you on the road behind them with a massive bus that keeps coming and has no intention of stopping! You keep blowing the horn but the accident gets very close to happening, and you decide to escape onto the other side of the driveway beyond the middle barrier and take your chances with any traffic coming the other way!

Of course there is the "direct hit" variation that the bastards also play, and it involves a truck driver going along this long big curve near Verdun... now he is on the outside of the road's semi-circle and it's probably being synchronized through satellites! He wilfully swings inwards towards you, and you only just mange to dodge him!

Another habit that the bastards observe with their satellites, is that you might often take off near the edge of the road, and as the traffic clears - you move to the right into the flow of traffic! Well they arrange for this spy - a big woman built like a Russian tank - to attempt to t-bone you at very high speed by making out she was turning into the driveway that your car is about to go past! However the force tells you to suddenly stop, and the bastard spy flies through at very high speed - in front of you - with just skimming past your front bumper bar!

Well thanks to the force being on your side, the bastards are not having much luck! So they try to scare you to death to totally intimidate you! They come near your bedroom window at 3 am, and to make sure they've got your wakeful attention they bring along this old hen, which they go ahead and hurt to make it cry out aloud! Then they quickly play this macabre and horrible funeral music. Now a stupid person may dismiss it all as a bad dream, however a few hours later - as the dawn is starting - you go and check the area, and what do you find? Well the poor victimized hen was still there near your window... so you give it some food and water, as it was an innocent victim of those bastards as well! Your father might happen to be over and he might say: "Bring that chicken inside - I will cook it and kill those bastards' magic!". However the only meat you ever eat, is the type that's already dead in a supermarket fridge or freezer... and tell your father off!

Anyway it does have the intended affect of shaking you up a bit! So you go and see a psychiatrist for a brief unscheduled visit, and as you wait in the waiting room this old nurse or matron or whatever comes in - the most obvious bloody spy you'd ever seen! She obviously knew you well because she started talking about another nurse who was an acquaintance or friend of yours... and then she tests how you react to what she goes on to rave about! She claims that she was "getting very old" and she was "very upset that she had no-body to leave all of her money and property to"... now she probably expected you to say "you can leave it to me", but instead you remained silent! So she stops beating around the bush and she says "This is a psychiatrist's clinic... look just tell him that you're 'high' and having a breakdown - and maybe get yourself admitted for a bit of a rest!"... Now the bloody spying bitch had gone too far! So you put her in her place and emphatically tell her that you're not high nor are you having a breakdown!

The spy appears to react a bit incredulously! Then she says - "Well if that's true, then tell me what it's actually like to be "high"? Well to stop her from pestering you, you answer her and say "Well it's like coming down the freeway from the top of the hills, at full speed with no brakes! Waiting for an accident to happen!". Then the doctor calls you in and you're glad to be rid of that old spy! You tell your Dr that you think Russian spies are after you, because you contacted their embassy and asked to publish some articles in Russian journals - and ask him whether that's realistic, pointing out that the media had been raving on about Russian spies being all over Adelaide which was the defence capital of Australia, (obviously a cover to throw suspicion on the Russians)! Well he thinks about it and then he says to you - "Look it's not the Russians at all, it's the CIA - and from what you're telling me, I tend to surmise that the Shell building you mentioned might be one of their headquarters!"

Well you realize that what he said made perfect sense, as one of the spies that you referred to the police, had a perfect cover as a Shell manager who just travelled all over the countryside presumably collecting money... and with the excuse that her long trips were very boring, she actually invited you to accompany her... presumably so that they could kidnap you once you were out in no-where land out in in the countryside! (Her name was Gabrielle Curtain from a little town in NSW, and your expansive incredible brain quickly picked up an unrealistic possibility - like many spies these were hanging out as a pair of women... however how realistic was it for 2 school girls to grow-up in NSW and continue to hang out together into mature adulthood, without actually being lesbian lovers?! Well to make this Gabrielle disappear the Shell building claimed that she had got married. The biggest clue that you were dealing with a bloody spy, was the fact that she would never answer her phone, but instead she would always ring whatever number it was on reverse charges, and she would be listening as the operator would ask you whether you wanted to accept the charges - thus learning who it was that had rung her!

Most of these experiences mentioned thus far, happened in1988 - (mainly in October) - when the western world was giving a cold shoulder to the protagonist, simply because they worshipped that moron - Einstein! However things got even more intense from 2002 onwards to 2005. Now I'm sure that whilst about 90 % of psychiatrists are agents on-call, at least about 50 % of GP's are also agents on call! The sort of thing that a GP is called upon to do, is to facilitate the actions of the bogus psychiatrists... to give you one example, the bastards may want to destabilize someone with miraculous physiology, and have him locked-up in a fake hospital ward, where possibly all the so-called patients as well as the staff, are all devious agents! Well to get a foot into the house to carry out their criminal intentions, they get the GP Josie Pyle to write a fake prescription for Prozac for the targeted individual which is then claimed to be a mistake and it supposedly was meant for somebody else!

But it was obviously designed to get this bastard psychiatrist in on the act! I am 90% sure that his name might have been Simon Hein... (look I really hate stupid Drs like him, who spend very minimal money on an old clapped-out Mercedes, and think they're fooling everybody into thinking that he's driving a new Rolls or something! What a moron!) anyway the 'bastard' comes to your house under false pretences! And then starts claiming that you sound a bit stressed out, and innocently asks you whether you might enjoy admitting yourself as a voluntary patient for a bit of a rest! You flat-out refuse his suggestion, and then his true motives come out! The lying bastard mentions that "bitch" Doctor Pyle, who was his partner in crime, and he says that you must be sick because that "slut" GP Pyle had prescribed Prozac for you! Now no matter what you would have said, it was your word against those bastard spies! They get you locked-up, and all of a sudden 3 more psychiatrists showed up, whom you'd never seen before and they didn't know you from a bar of soap! These went ahead signing some document to do with your detention, and the bogus ward starts preparing for pumping you full of experimental drugs!

However you've got an unpleasant surprise for all those bastard spies! You had got very chummy and close to the Democrats, so you ring them on the hospital payphone, and ask for their help to stop those bastard criminal Drs, from giving you all these massive doses of experimental drugs! Well everybody in that fake ward - that had all sorts of people in there - a bit like some sort of United Nations operation, were very amazed and said that you had very powerful friends! The person in charge there was a Canadian who I think was called Alex, then there was  a very tall black man from the US, and there were many who spoke the Queen's English! Obviously MI6 spies! Anyway thanks to the Democrats, you were soon out of that prison!

But the fun and games were only just beginning! To destabilize you, they had about 17 cars following you where-ever you went! And your phone was constantly ringing in from locations all over the world! Also there was a constant stream of people knocking on your front door, with most of them being bastard-agents masquerading as charity collectors! You also noticed that a lot of your take-away food places, were being sold and possibly had new spy- owners that wanted to interfere with your take-away food. Furthermore these spies were often adding items in your shopping trolley without you knowing about it!

Look we could go on recounting many more evil deeds by these bastard spies, however I think that a fair bit of what happened, following what we have already narrated, has already been mentioned by Frank in other articles.


Ps. Apparently that female spy GP got executed for presumably knowing too many secrets above her classification - at about 45 years of age! I wonder what's become of that totally dishonest spy psychiatrist... he was far more guilty than that GP - if there's any justice in this world I can guess what should happen to him!


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