Hot Lemon drinks: How to drop your morning post-prandial sugar by about 4 mmol/ liter!

Frank Pio Russo - May 10, 2016.

My son had high liver enzymes and a good friend - who's a homeopathic practitioner (and a famous breeder of poodle dogs) - Janet Hillier, suggested having a hot lemon drink early each morning. Well I think lemons are a wonderful fruit so I started having a hot lemon drink myself early each morning.

Amazingly my blood sugars dropped from about 10 to about 6 mmol/l. I then experimented keeping everything the same (i.e. the food and drinks), but simply taking the lemon drink on alternate days. I of course measured my blood glucose at 2 hours after finishing my breakfast, and was able to confirm that the lemon hot drink was definitely causing the lowering effect!

The conclusion to be drawn by this, is obviously that the liver of diabetics is malaised in some way, and as is well known tends to pump out all this sugar through a process known as gluconeogenesis - especially in the early morning: obviously the hot lemon drink must ameliorate the liver's condition!

Well I'm rather pleased with myself in making this discovery: natural remedies are wonderful as they cost very little and they don't usually cause any side-effects or unintended consequences!

Frank Pio Russo.

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