One of the Devil's biggest mistakes and how all the demons and illuminati were sent into disarray!

Frank Pio Russo - September 11, 2016.

Some things to do with the Bible are a bit subtle. Most people are blind to them, because they never get the over-all picture. The Bible is such a huge book that few people have actually read it from cover to cover... and the few that have, have usually taken so long in doing it, that by the time they get to finish the Greek scriptures they've actually forgotten what the Hebrew scriptures were all about!

I however had a bold plan to avoid this dilemma, and went on a record-setting spree, and that was to read the Bible sort of non-stop night and day, within the realms of remaining logical and coherent whilst still retaining most of the material! For the first time I was able to get the whole panoramic view of the Bible's contents!

I now believe its author to be the Devil, and his biggest mistake was so obvious that it actually stared me in the face. Time and again - in the many prophetic books - it is there pronounced that God was going to desensitize the Israelites' hearts, and dim their powers of understanding so as to make it impossible for them to recognize the Messiah when he did eventually show up , regardless of how many powerful works he might have performed!

And lo and behold! What major sentiment do we then find in the Greek scriptures? Well they're totally oblivious to what the 'Old Testament' was raving about... 'now' - back 2,000 years ago - it is the Jews that are given the sole responsibility for having rejected the Messiah! And all of the 4 Gospels, which were apparently written after the Roman's destruction of Jerusalem, go on to claim that all of the total destruction was because the Jews had  rejected the Messiah: "look your house has abandoned you"!

If you've followed my logical development, it was not the Jews - out of their own volition - that had rejected their so called Messiah! But rather it was their God - Satan the Devil (the Demiurge) - who had made sure they would do so! The Devil's development of the Bible is totally illogical and full of loop-holes, and yet the uninitiated swallow it all - hook line and sinker!

Yet the truth is even more startling! Why had all of the Jesus-story been set amongst both a city/region and its generation which had suddenly ceased to exist - at the hands of the Romans? Well the truth is because it was all an elaborate fabrication, and in this way there would be nobody to object to it! No historian of those days - except for obvious Christian additions - had anything to say about Jesus and the Christians! Furthermore the writers of the Gospels did not know the geography of the land - making very simple mistakes in their narratives... there are anachronisms everywhere: for example Nazareth did not exist yet, and there were no such things as "synagogues", as these developed after the Temple was destroyed! I won't go into great details about this as I've previously mentioned a list of books that elaborate this subject - see below.

In view of the foregoing, how was the Devil going to engineer a "second coming" when there had not even been a first coming in the first place? And even more importantly, what was the Force going to allow him to do? How much latitude and scope was it prepared to grant him?

Well the Force had a very cunning plan to throw all of the enemy's forces into disarray! The Force chose to pick someone who could see through some of the Devil's plans - as his anointed. And then helped this individual to see all the rest of the pitfalls with the Bible's commentary on both past history and prophesies about the future. The truly amazing thing that the Force did, was to wait till this "anointed" had lost all trust in the Devil's schemes, and then temporarily bless this individual for a few years with some sort of "immortality" and allow him to wander into the Devil's camp... I forget who it was - I think it was Isaiah who spoke of  "presenting oneself like a lamb to the slaughter"!

It was an absolutely brilliant strategy! ... The individual spoke of a scientific discovery, with its plausible scientific explanations! This threw the enemy into total chaos and confusion: The Devil and the demons wanted to keep everything along a spiritual level... however their earthly agents - namely the so called "illuminati" - saw their chance to steal "immortality" for themselves and then later "flush this individual down the toilet!". However, this anointed' s scientific explanations for the so-called "immortality" did not hold water! And all of their mistreatments and horrible way of dealing with him, enraged this "anointed" against them! Whereas earlier, he would have probably acquiesced to the role of Messiah - probably along Witness or Christadelphian lines - now he was cursing all these illuminati bastards... even saying that he was willing to sacrifice himself to make sure none from this bastard human race would get life... in his own words: "That would be a real sacrifice and not what that fuckwit did or didn't do - 2000 years ago!"

In conclusion - I have given you all the facts of the matter - and I do not really have any special insights into what the future holds... it's just a matter of living it up to the great Force of the universe.

Frank Pio Russo.



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