Is it breakthrough anti-ageing research, or is it just having some good genes?


Various people have been suggesting for me to shave my beard off, so that they can re-assess once more, whether Iím really onto something fantastic about ageing Ė or is it simply a matter of just having good genes? Well hereís todayís shaven picture!


Also, Iím preparing a proper mailing list, which will have the facility for individuals to unsubscribe. However, should you feel that youíre getting too many emails, there is a better alternative: you may want to simply email me, and choose to only receive scientific content.. or if you wish, to only receive the content dealing with social, political, religious and other similar content.


Many thanks: Frank Pio Russo.


Ps. I am a bit over 65 years of age, and have never used make-up or cosmetics, nor ever used any colour for my hair: itís all natural! Furthermore, these days I very rarely wash my hair, as that would tend to wash away some of the natural pigment Öinstead I sometimes spray some  tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil in it!





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