As the Gentile Times ended a young Messiah type became manifested! Including his experiences with the Russian Embassy!

Anonymous - October 18, 2017.

Apparently there were two 70 year periods that were significant: one of captivity and one of destruction. This fact is what caused the Adventists and the Bible Students - (JWs or Jehovah's Witnesses) - to stuff up their prophesies about the Gentile Times.

JWs had them starting at 606 BC and ending at 1914 AD - a period of 2,520 years. Of course they erred about the supposed year zero which never existed, and were unknowingly predicting 1915 AD. Then in view of the fact that 1914 became a significant year with WW1, they backtracked the starting point to 607 BC. However, these were years of captivity which would have presumably started with the first attack of Nebuchadnezzar and ended with the release of the captive Jews with the edict of Cyrus in 537 BC.

As for the real start of the Gentile times, that would have been from the destruction of Jerusalem in 587/586 BC, which took some 18 months or so with the horrible siege by the Babylonians. These were of course misunderstood by the whole world right up till my IQ stepped in to help, on the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Republic of Israel in 1998. Having such times misunderstood, actually led to the Balfour Declaration of 1917 where Lord Balfour urged Jews to return to Palestine... this was because the Gentile Times were understood to finish in1917!

The problem with this interpretation was that the Gentile times had not really counted for a whole jubilee of 50 years as most of the land laid fallow - there was no real Gentile domination for those 50 years! So although the second 70 year period - (i.e. of destruction) - ran from the destruction of the temple in 586/585 BC to the reconstruction and rededication at about 515 BC, one would have to add 50 years onto the 1917 date, leading to 1967 as the true date for the end of the Gentile times! This is truly electrifying as this was when Jerusalem was reunified for the first time with the wonderful 6 day war: yes the Gentile Times ended in 1967!

We now do well to ask whether any Messiah figure manifested himself on that date (as Prophecy had foretold). Well - JC -the mythical simpleton of 2,000 years ago presumably did something significant at 12 years of age (i.e. debate with the scholars at the temple). In harmony with the written type, in 1967 a 13 year old wrote to 3 places: the Pope, the embassy of the USA and the embassy of the USSR. To the Pope he translated a teacher's letter asking for a marriage annulment, and to the embassies he asked for some detailed maps of their countries. The US sent one extremely detailed map giving info on what was going on and where e.g. the sort of produce and manufacturing that was going on. As for the Russians, they were far more generous - they sent about 7 huge glossy maps and one in particular was rather impressive as it detailed where all the power stations were located... incredibly 50 years later he rang the Russian embassy to thank them for those maps, wondering whether they had any more to give away, and the response was quite extraordinary: "Why Mr So and So none of us in Russia know where all the power stations are located  - so how can we possibly give you that information!!"

In conclusion it must be said that there 's a possibility that causality is negative... i.e. the Force had the finished product and worked backwards negatively as a 'big crunch' till the reversal at the 'big bang'. If this was the case, then it was actually the Messiah type who sent those maps as blueprints for the structure of those 2 superpowers (America and Russia).

Finally, what does the future hold? Who knows perhaps the angelic forces might step-in any minute!


Ps.- Apparently the Jews used some numbers inordinately frequently: 40 meant many and 70 often simply referred to a large number of some sort! Hence it should not surprise us that the first attack by Nebuchadnezzar on Jerusalem was in 604 BC, and this is when Jerusalem became a vassal and the Gentile domination began: this is why the "times" were reckoned to end in1917 AD before my intervention in 1998!
























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