Freewill and determinism: how the 2nd level of responsibility works!

Frank Russo - August 22, 2010.

As I have previously outlined, besides our immediate exercise of our freewill there is a secondary level of responsibility which is carried out by the quantum world... or in other words by the people living inside our constituent atoms!

The timescales involved are also vastly different in terms of physiological time involved: whilst at our level a decision may appear to take place in one second, at the quantum world such an interval would equate to 10 to the forty seconds or the equivalent of about 10 to the 24 billion years of physiological time. Hence very sophisticated decisions can be catered for at the 'lower' level... so much so that the overall picture can be given full consideration.

You might well ask as to why the quantum world should care about what happens at our larger lever of organization! Well if you think about it, the answer is not all that difficult! If existence and our material expansion follows the programming of a fractal - with everything replicating itself as it gets bigger by the scale of '10 to the 40' to one - then it would make a lot of sense that all the descendants of a particular individual in today's world, might eventually migrate onto the 'bigger' version of such an individual and be responsible for the second level of freewill for such an ancestor of theirs! Who knows... perhaps in the future some individuals will be cloned by the millions, in which case for example a bigger version of oneself, could have 'small' clones of himself running his system at the 'lower' level thus being himself responsible for both levels of freewill!

The ancients had a sort of primitive awareness that as things aggregated in our universe, they formed bigger conscious entities... no doubt this is why they gave names to constellations such as 'the Bull' etc!

So in conclusion, our actions do matter and do have consequences... both at our level and also in the bigger overall scheme of things... so let's give proper consideration to what we say and do.

Frank Russo.

p.s. - perhaps the foregoing sheds some light as to why viruses replicate themselves on a massive scale in the world of the very small!

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