Frank Russo's new diabetes cure brings about another miracle!

Frank Pio Russo - November 14, 2018.

The very damaging and toxic acidity that results from the digestion of sugars - in patients with active diabetes - stops the healing of even minor injuries! Such acidity actually causes the joints to gradually get worse and worse over the years of a diabetic's life. However, with the implementation of my diabetes cure which eliminates this acidity, any joint that's thus adversely affected will halt its deleterious progression, and respond to any treatment - thus beginning to get better and better!

If you readers have been following my writings over the years, then you'd know that I had a very, very minor fall from a ladder in 2004: from not very high up at all. And because of my diabetes and its resultant acidity, this minor injury has progressed over the years, under the diagnosis of "avascular necrosis", to the point that it rendered me totally bedridden by the half-way point of this current year. The constant pain was unbearable and our health system was missing in action!(???) - A number of Drs claimed that the waiting list for such operations, was a number of years for the simple reason that it was hoped that such patients would end-up with a broken hip-joint, and be dealt with under emergency conditions!

However, I never got discouraged and continued my search for a successful cure! This resulted in my eventual realization that the research I'd been doing in 2004, pertaining to the acidity that resulted from the digestion of sugars and carbohydrates (in diabetic patients), was very valid indeed! I therefore came-up with a diet of unsaturated foods which included about 4 slices of bread per day: the unsaturated foods with their double and multiple bonds, would mop-up all the acidic hydrogen ions; and the regular bread dose would keep the conversion from carbohydrates to sugars ticking over, thus preventing the liver from dumping massive loads of sugars into one's circulation!

This breakthrough has resulted in many spectacular results, which actually go even beyond the miraculous! My right eye went from 6/19 to 6/9 and my perfect left eye went from 6/6 to 6/4.5! My constantly aching feet all of a sudden stopped hurting! And within 2 weeks of implementing my new diabetes cure, I was no-longer bedridden but now walking around with a walking stick!

Today after 76 days since its original implementation - last September the 1st - the incredible news is that the hip is responding to exercise for the first time in 14 years! The pain is no longer there at all for most of the time! Furthermore the range of movement is constantly getting better! Yes! It certainly helps not to have our joints submerged in acidic solutions, regardless of how controlled the sugar level is! Remember it's not the sugar that causes all the damage and mayhem in a diabetic's body, but rather the resulting positive and acidic hydrogen ions that go ahead and damage virtually everything in a diabetic's body.

Finally, in conclusion to this update as regards the progress of my left hip, I would like to have my results greatly publicized... however I feel that the dishonest pharmaceutical companies, may be bribing Google with their billions, as I've mainly seen Google focusing on my previous diabetic writings rather than the latest breakthrough cure.

Frank Pio Russo.


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