For those who are 24/7 persons!

Frank Pio Russo - September 4, 2015.

There are many advantages in becoming a true 24/7 individual. For a start, you can react to any night noise - such as those caused by burglars or intending home invaders - and circumvent all sorts of trouble! Also in the event of a fire, one can react instantly! Furthermore, one can fare well in most emergencies without the need for sleep.

Of course one should still aim for "flat" bed rest in the dark, from about 2400 to 0600 hours. This is because it is important for our bodies to fight and cancel the effects of gravity that have accumulated during the day; our eyes would of course also benefit from some rest in the dark. One good spin-off from this, is the fact that a lot of damage is presumably avoided by not letting the body suffer a great drop in temperature during the night, which would happen if one plunged in a deep sleep.

It would greatly help if one has a bit of insomnia running in the family's genetics, and if he were to take-up a job where he'd be on call regularly, where he'd have to go in to work about 3 times per night and still show up for work at 9 a.m. in the morning. It would also help if he's genetically pre-disposed to mature onset diabetes, because the brain is a great user of sugar, and if one does not get it hereditarily... he would run the risk of incurring it by becoming a true 24/7 person. The major key to it all, would be to have a good physiological level of coffee in one's blood constantly ... it would be useful to have 24 cups of coffee per day: a quadruple coffee about every 4 hours! And you may of course need some blood pressure lowering medication. Voltaire apparently used to have about 50 cups of coffee per day, and he lived till nearly 90: far beyond the life-expectancy of his day! (Although, it's a bit hard to work-out what the strength and size of a cup of coffee was centuries ago).

Another necessary facet of becoming a true 24/7 person, is to spend most of your night rest spells, in a reduced noise environment: if you don't actually sleep, it is essential that the brain gets some quality rest. You would obviously avoid having the TV or stereo blasting away all night!

The biggest complication is of course the fact that most people who incur stress can have a breakdown. However, some stress medicine can be quite advantageous, by giving the brain incredible energy to be able to go on thinking on a 24/7/365 way all year round!

Taking medicine should not be seen as a limitation: I've said it before "God is science", or is manifested through science! And this is how the human lot is going to improve: through science and medications!

Finally, if one is a genuine 24/7 individual... he can actually spend about 30 years on a mystery like time and the Michelson-Morley experiment, and actually give out about 60 years' worth... thinking non-stop on the problem without his thoughts constantly being interrupted and wiped out by sleep!

Frank Pio Russo.












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