Exercise is the key to stop inflammation!

Frank Pio Russo - January 16, 2018.

You might have a bad joint - such as a bad hip - which is being destroyed by inflammation. Hence your goal would be to reduce this inflammation and thus greatly improve your joint.

Now from my recent experimentation, I've found that exercise is the key to reducing the circulating inflammation markers from your bloodstream, and thus make things better for you and reducing all your pain. The interesting fact is that you should actually avoid exercising the problematic joint, otherwise you end-up compounding the problem and making things worse!

Therefore if you have a bad hip, the ideal set-up is a pulley system of some sort... such that you can isolate the upper body without placing any stress on the damaged hip. The sorts of exercises you might want to pursue might be something like: 20 reps of horizontal 'bench-press'; 20 reps of flys; 20 reps of some sort of vertical pulldowns (whether behind your neck or from your chest upwards); 20 triceps pull-downs; plus a back exercise of some sort. Of course you'd call this a circuit and repeat it throughout the day.

It might seem very strange, but if this exercise regime is accompanied with good nutrition and proper supplementation, you end-up building and repairing your damaged joint indirectly, through the great reduction in circulating inflammation markers! I of course consider this quite a discovery, plus it has the extra bonus of reducing your fatty tissues - and the latest research indicates that fat itself can also bring on some inflammation!

So what are you waiting for... start exercising!

Frank Pio Russo.







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