How to enhance the recent diagram on the Stellar Aberration breakthrough.

Frank Pio Russo - November 27, 2014.

For a start, one must be aware that the absolute velocity is the vectorial summation of an 'ocean' of velocities: so rarely does it ever line-up with a particular relative velocity... i.e. in the same direction.

I thought of attempting to modify the diagram, but I decided to let it stand - others can improve it at their own leisure!

Anyway, I think people will get the gist of it, namely that it's not quite as simple as they thought it was! I mean it's now obvious that one is not simply dealing with the 30 km/sec of the earth relative to our sun... there's the motion of the sun relative to the galaxy... the motion of the galaxy relative to the cluster... the cluster relative to the super-cluster... and scientists are recently beginning to add more steps on the cosmic roller-coaster!

It's now some 27 years since I began on my voyage of opening up the closed scientific 'shop'... I am beginning to see its results come to fruition!

Frank Pio Russo.

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