Why einsteinian relativity should be synonymous with stupidity rather than held up as an example of ingeniousness!

Frank Pio Russo - February 13, 2018.

I have spoken to a multitude of people and they have all related the same story: they had so much trouble with the concept of time and what actually time consists of, that they could never follow what Einstein was on about - "he must know what he's on about because it's too difficult for me to know either way"!

However one very simple question is enough to set the cat loose amongst the pigeons! This supposed great theory is called "relativity"... well relativity or relative to what might I innocently ask? And the answer has got to be "relative to the absolute frame of course"! But no, this is where the stupidity cuts in for presumably there is no real absolute frame as all frames are equal.

This misconception is brought about by the simple fact that the Michelson-Morley experiment appeared to show that the speed of light did not vary from one frame of inertial reference to another... i.e. between: with the velocity of the earth and across or perpendicular to that velocity. However what everybody fails to realize is that both of these velocities are coexisting within the same reality, having both the same influence on a sentient observer observing the experiment, and as such one would expect them both to reflect the same experimental or "relative" speed of light.

This would of course not preclude the existence of an "absolute" speed of light in the absolute frame which would of course be somewhat higher than the experimental or "relative" speed of light. I have actually measured this absolute speed of light using stellar aberration as 304,476 km/sec, whereas the experimental or "relative" speed has been defined as 299,792.458 using the accepted definition of a metre through reverse acquisition.

I must also mention that the stupidity of Einstein becomes astronomical as he shows total ignorance of what time is, as he goes on to rave about "time dilation"... it's quite simple even for elementary school students that if light encounters 13.12379204 m whilst attempting to negotiate 10.83079918 m, it would take longer to travel the longer distance! It does not necessarily require my IQ of 170 to be able to see that with the mirror moving away from the beam of light, it would take longer for light to cross such a gap: call it "time dilation" as a technical gimmick but the fact is that it just simply takes a bit longer than otherwise! There's no elastic time there! Time doesn't even exist... it's only a convenient way of comparing different rates of speeds.

The way I've explained time before is that it's a bit like 'anion gap' in biochemistry... it's only a derived, contrived, artificial measurement... sure anions exist and so do cations, but an anion gap only exists in our imagination!

In conclusion, all I can do is hope that people will come to see Einstein as no more than the true simpleton that he always has been!

Frank Pio Russo



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