Why ardent brainwashed worshippers of Einstein claim he won 2 Nobel Prizes!

Frank Pio Russo - February 14, 2016.

In 1987 I spoke to a Dr from the Astronomical Society - (ASSA) - about the discoveries that I was starting to make. Alas! Lo and behold this fellow went into a rage because I was questioning the work of Einstein!

It was obvious to me that this fellow actually worshipped Einstein as some sort of a God, as he went on to claim that there was nobody like Einstein as "he was the only one who had ever won 2 Nobel Prizes...". I attempted to correct him by saying that he had only won one... but to no avail - the chap was totally brainwashed and blind - seeing Einstein only through rose-colored glasses!

Well exactly how could such a gross misapprehension develop ? Well it's actually of the Nobel Foundation's doing! In Alfred Nobel's will it was apparently stipulated that the prize was to be given for major discoveries in the previous year, and if there had been no major discoveries then the prize was to be carried over to the next year. But what was ridiculous was that they did not then go on and allot 2 prizes in the next year! This happened in 1921 when no one was deemed worthy of the Nobel Prize for Physics (including Einstein)... then all of a sudden for some strange reason Einstein was now deemed worthy of it in 1922 even though he had not done anything new in that 'next' year! Of course the very stupid thing they did, was that they allowed it to be referred both as the 1922 prize and also as the 1921 prize (which had not been allotted) ! That's all the encouragement that brainwashed, ardent worshippers of Einstein needed - with the backing of certain sections of the Jewish media which was constantly aggrandizing the man! The intelligent thing that the Nobel people could have done but did not do, was to actually cancel the 1921 prize !

In actual fact according to some critics of the Nobel Foundation, Einstein did not deserve "not even a single Nobel prize" as all he did was comment on the work that others had done. Here's how it's been expressed in one particular article located elsewhere on this website:

"The last subject dealt with in Einstein's 1905 papers was the foundation of the photon theory of light. Einstein wrote about the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect is the release of electrons from certain metals or semiconductors by the action of light. This area of research is particularly important to the Einstein myth because it was for this topic that he UNJUSTLY received his 1921/1922 Nobel Prize.

But AGAIN IT IS NOT EINSTEIN, BUT WILHELM WIEN AND MAX PLANCK WHO DESERVE THE CREDIT. The main point of Einstein's paper, and the point for which he is given credit, is that light is emitted and absorbed in finite packets called quanta. This was the explanation for the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect had been explained by Heinrich Hertz in 1888. Hertz and others, including Philipp Lenard, worked on understanding this phenomenon. Lenard was the first to show that the energy of the electrons released in the photoelectric effect was not governed by the intensity of the light but by the frequency of the light. This was an important breakthrough. Wien and Planck were colleagues and they were the fathers of modern day quantum theory. By 1900, Max Planck, based upon his and Wien's work, had shown that radiated energy was absorbed and emitted in finite units called quanta. The only difference in his work of 1900 and Einstein's work of 1905 was that Einstein limited himself to talking about one particular type of energy light energy. But the principles and equations governing the process in general had been deduced by Planck in 1900. Einstein himself admitted that the obvious conclusion of Planck's work was that light also existed in discrete packets of energy. Thus, nothing in this paper of Einstein's was original."

In view of the foregoing it is obvious that the myth-making regarding Albert Einstein was aided by the Nobel Foundation. Furthermore the foundation has constantly been ready to throw Nobel Prizes at anybody who even just looks like confirming Einstein in any shape or form! I actually know of one such person, regarding whom the tone of the secretary of the Nobel Physics committee totally backtracked the other way, as the latter took a negative approach to Einstein !

In conclusion, all I can hope for is that science might review the man's "accomplishments" in a sane and rational way... hero "worship" has no place in true science!

Frank Pio Russo.







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